Saturday, June 6, 2009

"nekkid but tasteful butt pics"

Blogger Hamlet Au's recent post "The Strength of the SL Blogosphere, As Seen From Behind" (Web) about some "nekkid but tasteful butt pics" inspired me to get naked. Like I need an excuse. So off to Las Arenas Rosadas (SLurl) I went and off went the clothes.

Normally I'm a fan of my bust. Actually, I'm a fan of just about any woman's bust. This exercise, though, gave me new appreciation for my backside. Like everyone inSL® I spend my days staring at my behind so it is not something I often give a lot of thought. Quite the contrast to First Life. How often do you see your own fanny? Not often for me. I'm not one of those women who usually check themselves in mirrors or ask "does this outfit make my butt look big?" In a pinch, my bum always has my back, so to speak, being there when I need to sit or to close the fridge when my hands are full or to keep my pants from sliding right off my hips.

Our bottoms do a lot for us so perhaps this is the time to celebrate our friends with the permanent vertical smiles. Give your fanny a pat (or enlist others to as that is a nice way to meet new folks) and tell it "good work, chum!"


Cata said...

*pats Uccie's tush*



Tymmerie Thorne said...

Very pretty picture! Marnix Malifozik (the meme starter) and I are actually collecting all of the pictures of bloggers who participated for an in-world gallery exhibit. May I have your OK to use your picture in the show also?