Sunday, June 20, 2010

SL7B: An Overview

It is Second Life Birthday time again! As of a few days ago I've been on the main grid a full four years and if the Internet Time Acceleration Principle holds, it feels like 10-times longer. Under this premise, our World is now 70! Really, though, it is just seven years old (give or take, depending on when you celebrate the actual inception) and this year's party is ready to rev! Official opening is on the 21st at 10AM SLT but we denizens of the Press are getting a preview right now. I've already posted on the Lucky Kitty Crew blog (Web) about some of the gifts that are available and will follow up here with posts about individual exhibits and activities. There is no way I can be exhaustive ... cripes, just the number of sims is a bit overwhelming ... but start with these resources listed below and check back here throughout the run of the event.
  • The official SL7B blog has the latest news and a great teaser machinima (Web)
  • The SL7B wiki has the nitty gritty details like dates and policies (Web)
  • Bear Island is a great first stop to see a ton of Linden Bears, old and new (detailed post later; Web)
  • A really great set of Flickr pix from Radioactive Rosca (Web)
  • The Destination Guide will be featuring some of the best builds (in-world or Web)
  • Daniel Voyager was spotted early on during the Press Preview so watch his blog (Web)

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