Sunday, June 20, 2010

SL7B: Time Capsule

Once again, Will Webb has taken time to create a Time Capsule for the Second Life Birthday. Exhibitors are encouraged to donate items that will eventually be examined in generations henceforth ... however long an SL generation is, if anyone knows. Each year a clever build is used for the capsule itself, often something looking like what you might expect a high-tech time capsule to look like. Usually. One year an asteroid was used.

This year, Will was short on time and wanted to honor the event theme, Unexpected Collaborations, so he put out a call for low-prim designs from all the builders. I don't know how many he received, but he showed me a really clever one that was a "time-released cold pill" which spilled out little beads when you clicked it. I thought it was far more clever than the design he eventually chose, but I suppose it used too many prims or wasn't chosen for some other reason. Fortunately for me, I guess, as the one he picked was my design. I liked the "pill" better but I won't complain.

My design was inspired by Star Trek's "Guardian of Forever," the time portal from the original series. Not only was his final choice unexpected, but it turned into an unexpected collaboration, too, because Will asked if he could make some mods, I agreed, and he made it much better. Now the whirly rainbow you see in the picture above fades in and out when touched, for example, and some other changes that helped the over all utility. Unfortunately, if you leap through it there is no affect on your timeline.

Be sure to check out the SL7B Time Capsule exhibit when you visit (SLurl). Previous time capsules are on display and you might even run into Will, one of the original generations of SL Residents. Try "editing" each time capsule there to see the contents and get a flavor of birthday's past. After your visit, use the near by tram station, fly around, or use the Destination Guide (Web) to find other great experiences. More information is available on the official SL7B blog (Web), too.

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