Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun Names Have Gone Past?

When I came to the Main Grid from the Teen Grid, taking a new name let me expunge my previous life and exercise a little wit. Very little, apparently, as most folks don't get that my name is Bird Bird, if translated properly. I'm not the only one that tried, successfully or otherwise, to be amusing and early on I started collecting "funny" names of people I've met or at least stood within chat-range of in-world. Since seeing a huge uptick in "AOL-style" names after the introduction of the common, usually unseen, surname of Resident, I've looked at my funny name list a bit forlornly. I'm sure I'll keep adding to it, but I might have to keep a category just for Display Name choices. These can be just as funny as pre-Display Name choices, but it is far easier to be funny than when trying to do so within the system's limits. Here is where my "Really Great Avie Names" list stands today:

Chekout Lane, Cut Wiener & UnCut Wiener (twins, of course), Crow Diesel, Des Gruntled, Dred Looming, Elvis Presley, Euclidean Surface, Glucose Sideways, Grim Thespian, Harry Potter, Hiro Protagonist, Manure Sack, Too Yootz, Totally Unsustainable, Wrong Wright

Eph Yue, Imnada Waffle, Missing Person, Ooo Ah, Station Vhargon

Accountant Adzebills, afterhours Parkin, Alaska Loon, Alittle Lunasea, Alluring Fairey, Always Leakey, AprilShowers Becloud, Barbie Princess, Bendand Stoop, Bohemiann Rhapsody, Bunsons Burner, darkNtwisted Dreamscape, Card Holder, Comes Nitely, Coupon Clip, DitaVon Theas, Downlovers Lane, Eaten Gumbo, Erie Waffle, EveryOther Thursday, F3ckme Babii, Fence Stradling, Forbidden4 Males, Fukmi Sideways, Good Chemistry, GoSpeed Racer, Holland Antwerp, Honest Waffle, Howmuch Decosta, Iamin Love, Icy Wiener, Immm Back, Imnotgoing Sideways, iwannadou Later, Kantbe Thursday, Keen Salamander, LargeScreen Television, Lickmelikea Lollipop, Loving Fairey, Makits Oh, Malfunctioning Gynoid, Manefest Destiny, Milf Acronym, Much Later, My Onlyone, Never Later, NothingBut Magic, notso Bleac, Now Moo, Nut Case, OfeelMe Nitely, Ohhh Mai, Ona Waffle, Parallell Parks, Perkins Trenchcoat, PR Etzel, Rainy Thursday, Really Ordinary, rogue camel, Rumour Mills, Sandie Harbour, secondlifename GossipGirl, Seenknot Hird, Shesnotmel Memel, Shoobe Doobie, Sleepy Harbour, Speghetti Ragu, Spoon Nestler, Suffa Jetcity, Taste Honi, Tender Littlething, Time Guardian, Tiny Runningbear, Twist Easley, UwillLuvmethe Dayafter, Vende Latte, Very Adamant, Weebit Offcourse, Whatcha Eaton, Wife Stepford, Woody Yue, Wouldyoulike Mayo

I wonder how many of these people pushed for Display names after living with these choices for a while?

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I love my silly name :)