Sunday, January 2, 2011

On Being Zyx, Part 3

Coming late to the game, so to speak, I'm not surprised that it is up to me to introduce myself. I'm Zyx. Not Zyx Flux, wee little pixy girl. Just Zyx, a grown up pixy. I suppose there would be those that claim I'm here just to reserve the name under the new Second Life resident naming scheme. You know the one. The Nobody-Has-a-Surname one. Everybody is Someoneorother Resident, but the name on the tag above their head simply shows the single name they chose at account creation.

Maybe things started that way, maybe not. But I'm here now and I'm definitely not a little "Miss" pixy. Don't get me wrong. I adore the wee version of me, all cute and girly. Every woman needs to keep in touch with that part of their inner selves. But there is something about the bloom of womanliness. When curves start to flow and certain appetites grow. When a dress no longer features Disney characters embroidered into the neckline, but rather a neckline that dangerously flirts with meeting the hemline. When playing "grownup" stops being play.

I'm that Zyx. Leather with merely a hint of lace. Fierce in my convictions ... among other things.

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