Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's in My Closet? Body Parts

Normally I don't read fashion blogs, at least not for fashion information. Many have great photography and feature great, scenic places to visit. One that was talked about in the Lucky Kitty Crew chat today, though, features vitriol. I won't mention which one, but it was noted by many that the author's insulting tone about products she was reviewing would keep her from getting review products. So for this edition of What's in My Closet, I thought I'd wear nothing that anyone who cares about fashion could criticize.

Let's start at the top: Deena hair from (SLurl), in Scornful Red. I love this style and if I could get my RL hair this straight, I'd wear it like this. It is a classic doo that dresses up casual and tempers dressing up. It goes well with my Curio Acorn FREX Sunny Pure skin (SLurl). I shopped long and hard for skins before picking this one. Most makers had something that I liked in their products, but this was the only one that met all my needs and required the fewest tweaks to my face and body to be "me." The shape is all mine, honed over the years so it fairly well matches my Real Life (RL) shape, though I gave up on having my RL face (I like my Second Life [SL] nose more) and my "girls" are smaller in SL. In this picture, I've not-so-cleverly covered up the realistic and versatile (they have modifiable, menu-controlled piercings) VS Sculpted Nipples (Web) by Nina Peterman that I've been wearing lately. I saw a set on my wife and just had to get a set. Sure, if I "bounce" around, to folks using a viewer with Breast Physics it can look funny, but that's a problem with any attachments in that area, from jewelry to clothes. And the other paw print covers a pubic hair layer from Eloh Eliot that gives me the illusion of a wee bit of modesty by itself. Like strolling around nude beaches is modest, though the location for this photo, a Member's Only section of The Wild Coast Naturist Resort (SLurl), is pretty private.

If you have read this far, keep in mind that my WiMC posts are about wearing what I like for me. As far as I'm concerned, whatever you wear is fine for you even if I think it is "fugly" or if I think it is gorgeous. If you didn't want to wear it, you wouldn't. Fashion is in the eye of the wearer, so to speak. If you are a content creator and send me things to review I may or may not oblige you, but I will at least be fair and honest after I recover from the shock that you think someone like me should be reviewing your product.

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