Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blackspot Shipyard

For various reasons a few folks know but that I won't mention here yet (though I am willing to tease, it seems), I'm shopping for a Tall Ship in Second Life. During my search I came across a group of fabulous sims centered on the Blackspot Shipyard (SLurl). The ships I found are fabulous, but I found myself busy exploring the landscape and infrastructure, clearly amongst the finest anywhere in Our World. Teeny nitpicks aside (like the occasional mismatched texture or a prim face with poorly set repeats), the build is fantastic. This isn't just a nice landscape with structures set out and some furniture plopped down. This is an adapted ecosystem.

The structures are organic as if the builders had to contend with an intractable landscape, suiting the construction to the terrain. It really looks like a 18th century pirate outpost. Well, like the way I imagine one to look as I've never actually seen one. The rich, dark textures lend extra authenticity to the build, but you really need to see it in person to see what I mean. Until you go, here are some pictures.

You may have noticed the pirate in these pix. It's me in my Grendels Pirate Boxbot Avie.

Lots of scenic views from the ships. Each is for sale, costing upwards of L$9000 each but are highly detailed and wonderfully laid out. Arrrgghh ... I'm a fierce sea-farin' soul. Fear my paper cuts!

There's a shop with wonderful pre-fabs in that thar castle, which itself is also for sale.

This looks like a wonderful place for role play, but every time I've visited I was pretty much the only person there. The About Land stats showed very little traffic, which is a shame.

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