Monday, November 7, 2011

An Open Secret

A couple times now I've posted about Las Arenas Rosadas (SLurl), one of the most beautiful tropical regions in all Second Life, but what I've been keeping secret is that it is part of an archipelago of islands that are just as beautiful. The secret seems to be out, though, as each time I visit more people seem to be there, especially on a wee-sized sand islet that I love for relaxing or cuddling with my wife, Angela.

That would be Las Olas Azules (SLurl), a teeny little bit of sand and rocks and a few trees, but truly fabulous. You can sit in the trees or there is a nice set of couples cuddles (sometimes more than one).

Looking Northeast toward Las Arenas Rosadas, just over the horizon if you have more than a 128m draw distance. Keeping that low when I visit adds to the sense of isolation.

The South-Southwest view here shows part of Las Rocas and Las Islas (to the right).
Las Rocas (SLurl), less isolated due to it's situation between two commerce regions but still gorgeous, is more of a hub for folks to gather with it's enormous natural rock formations and plenty of places to poke around.

Part of the rock formations on Las Rocas with several platforms with seating and the beach has a cuddle bed under a cabana. It's hard to find a bad view no matter where you are at.
My only disappointment? No seascaping. If you scuba or mermaid (yes, it can be a verb) there is nothing to see. And if you just want to swim you have to bring your own AO. Still, one would visit these regions for the views above sea level, not for what you might find below.

Las Lagunas (SLurl; not pictured), one of the two regions with shops, is also beautiful. The shops are lovely and if I had some money I'm sure I would soon be without money. Visit there with a friend and make a day of it then head out to one of the remote islands for some quiet time. You might see me there.

Graphics maxed, I'm resting in the tree on Las Olas Azules.

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