Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Death of the Desktop Part II

After a brief visit with my Neopets on the desktop computer this morning, I went to sit with Mom as she's having a rough morning (I'm her home care aide) and grabbed my iPad to finish my morning Web reading. So, here I am writing this post after checking all the blogs I follow and hitting the news apps, all on the iPad.

Sure, the Blogger experience sucks on this browser, but if I used another service I would have an app for that. Or I'd I could remember all that HTML I once learned I could add graphics. This is more a limit of my blog host/tools choice than of the device.

So do I really need a desktop?

Yes for the convenience if not the utility. I like having an iPad or iPod Touch handy to use as a second (or third) screen when I'm on the desktop. Sure, my big computer runs multiple apps, but window panes stack up and task switching gets cumbersome when working with intensive programs like Acorn or Photoshop Elements.

One day the desktop will go away. I think it might be soon.

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