Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haunted House Adieu

Until Next Year
The Menagerie Isle 2011 Haunted House was swallowed up in a mystical vortex today, an eerie voice in the wind saying "Until Next Year!!!!"

Many thanks to the hundreds of folks who visited this year. I hope you had a fabulous time. Since many were first day residents I don't think they'll see this blog just yet, but I hope they know that they are appreciated. Also, thanks to Angela Seale (my wife) for spot checking the build and helping with security. Threshin Barnett lent the big sea dragon to me for the pirate area. Lots of folks IMd with comments, all positive, thank goodness, and I give them my thanks, too.

Tons of thanks to Janeforyou Barbara, Menagerie Isle's owner and Head Ranchero. Stupid me, it never occurred to me in all the years I've used her land for my project that I should have had her put out a tip jar. Well, with any luck she sold some horses or whatever critters she is raising now (Robots? Come see them here). She's an absolute dear and one of the most generous people in all Second Life. She deserves good things.

Soon I'll sort through the 40-something photos I took before the tear down and post the best on this blog. But I'm already thinking about next year and saving my L$ for what could be my best Halloween attraction yet. I hope to see you then :)

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