Monday, May 14, 2012


Since deciding to have my "big pixy" alt wear her dark colors almost full time now (Web; previously, she used them for role play as a "feral" pixy) it has been interesting to choose her clothes and she's gotten some interesting reactions. Most of her clothes were chosen and coordinated when here skin was usually light blue so they don't really go well with the dark midnight blue skin she now favors. Of her five or six swim suits she owns, only the black/white striped set shown below works well, for example.

Similarly, reactions from others to her new hue have changed — her social fit isn't the same. Usually Zyx logs in and someone at Lesbos flirts with her right away. Similarly, her visits to naturist sites earned many an "Hey, Baby" IM from interested parties. Even when shopping the propositions came frequently. I don't know how I did it, but she was a drop-dead hottie, it seems.

Not since going dark. As an experiment I even took her to some spots known for, well ... okay, I took her to free sex places. Places where just having the right shape to your not-rezzed-yet-cloud attract lewd IMs. And nothing. Not even a peep from the other fantasy-themes avatars you sometimes find in those places.

Is Zyx intimidating? Is this not a drop-dead sexy look? Should she get some huge fake boobs?

No, I don't let her date anyway. My main character is happily married to a wonderful SL wife and Zyx exists for other reasons. But it is interesting that simply changing her hue has changed her life.

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