Saturday, May 5, 2012

Old Wagon Road

The Explorer Pixy Zyx Flux strikes again. She found a cute, scenic road to explore and sent her report via email early this morning. I would have posted it then, but I had to check the trip myself ... it seemed too short and I thought maybe she was trying to stiff me the cost of a full guest blog post just by visiting the two ends and fibbing about the middle. Nope. It's a really, really short trip. Here's her report:

The Old Wagon Road terminus in Sababurg. Click the billboards to teleport you to Ellingson (SLurl) and one end of Route 8A or Ogilvie (SLurl) and one end of Route 8C.
The Old Wagon Road is a short, under-developed stretch that runs from Sababurg (SLurl) to Rethymno (SLurl) and back, if you start at the other end. At the Sababurg end you'll find a regional map showing various roads, a couple billboards from feuding tourist agencies, and some horribly grey walls that will make you think that the area hasn't fully rezzed. Behind the walls is a model suburban area for Centro Tecnologico de Montsoreau, but I chose to focus on the road trip itself. Mostly I mention the walled complex because if you need to rez a vehicle for the trip you can't do it on the road but you can rez one inside the walls — though you need to get it outside the walls after. If you travel northeast along the road, there is a rez area in Rethymno (SLurl). Oddly enough, that's about halfway between the two ends of Old Wagon Road. Click the billboard there and the Map will open with an offer to teleport you to Camazotz (SLurl) and the end of Route 8B (and a rez zone), a developed highway.

The trip is a brisk four minute walk, so it was fortunate I brought along the riding tiger that I adopted at Grendel's (SLurl) to cut the time down to a fast three minute ride.

There are a few signs for a blog called Dialogo Livre (Web) though they don't seem to be related to the land that they occupy. Most of the surrounding land is dedicated to attractive Meeroo farms.
End of the road, unless you click the billboard.
There is a very good chance that this is the shortest road trip in Second Life but if I find something shorter, I'll certainly send it to Uccie to post.

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