Saturday, May 19, 2012

Zyx the Booshtopian

My "big pixy" alt, Zyx Resident, has invested in a pre-order of Booshies, a new (and still in closed Beta) breedable pet game system (as seen on my blog here) so she was thrilled when Booshtopia opened for preview visits today (SLurl). She sent me some pictures and a few comments:

On my first visit today I wore my Girecko Booshitar (a Girecko booshie avatar) so I could blend in with the natives. I think I blended in too well as I don't remember if that was me on the left or on the other left. As the critters breed, other colorations and physical features may result so I will stand out better.

Later I bought a Relay For Life (RFL) version of the Felitera Booshitar, the purple/white one on the left. I met this wild Felitera and we hung out for a while. She wasn't very talkative, but she kept nosing me. Physical examples of all the current critters are razzed on Booshtopia for you to see.

Behind me in that big tree on the Island is Menchy's Goods Galore, the shop in which  you can buy Booshitars (some benefiting RFL) and collectibles. Eventually the shop will stock goodies used in the game.

The shop also sells some plants, like this 6 prim mesh Fuschino Flower I found in the forest.

Here I'm flyihg over Booshtopia in search of more areas to explore. The forest is magnificent, and you can see it for all the trees. Technically speaking, the game can be played entered via the HUD, if I understand things correctly, so you never need to rez a physical pet, but if you visit Booshtopia, you can rez a pet for adventures that can gain you points, food, and friends. Finally, a pet that I can do more with than cuddle or feed.

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