Friday, April 27, 2012


Tough days, too many malted milk balls, and a lack of sleep can lead to "creative" decisions. My big pixy alt Zyx bought a Booshies starter kit — a note card essentially stating "When our product is ready to launch, we'll send it to you."
Booshies a new 'breedable' and game in SL. And I bought the lizardy avatar for from the Relay for Life vendor at Fantasy Faire (SLurl), paying more than the tag value, of course. I may throw away money, but it's often for a good cause..
I spent a fair amount of time looking things over at the display (SLurl) and found quite a bit to like:

  • No land needed as you don't ever need to rez your pet — its all done via the game HUD.
  • Its actually a game! Meeroos came close to being one, but it seems to have devolved into a breeding festival much like those stupid bunnies (okies, confession time ... I loved the bunnies and I made a fortune, but the Head Bunnies screwed a lot of my friends, hurting them deeply. But that's another topic).
  • There's a promise of "adventures" with your pet as an actual companion. When I Beta tested the Meeroos, I longed for one that would follow me as I explored. Even the Meepet ones that no longer breed are tied to a "home" spot and food. Here's hoping I interpreted the excellent Booshies guide correctly.
  • You can play solo or team up for more than just earning "points."
  • Once you have a critter, its free to play. You don't ever need to buy anything. Food for the Meeroos kept me broke since I wasn't selling off the herd.

Yah. I was tired. But it still looks pretty good. Whether it turns out to be bogus or brava, I'll post something. Leave a comment if you joined (the pre-order period ends with the Faire, I think) and let me know what you think.

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