Sunday, April 1, 2012

Announcing Correspondent Mole

My 30-day Non-Discolosure Agreement (NDA) period is up so I can now let everyone know why I've been posting a lot about the Mainland but otherwise being quiet on this blog ... I'm  a Linden Mole!!!!

That's me in my new Mole avie made by Wynx Whiplash and given to all the LDPW Moles. I'm at the ceremonial prim on Mole Island 1, part of a "secret" group of regions you can actually see on the map by searching for Mole.
Some time ago Michael Linden took notice of me, even giving my Zyx Flux alt a "Mole Point" for being extra observant and helping making a seasonal Linden attraction a bit better for everyone (you can see in the About section of her profile here). Since then I've been keeping in touch and pushing my idea that a regular blogger is needed to promote the Mainland and the fine works of the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) in general.

I wish everyone could visit the Mole Islands to see the exciting things coming up, but they are sekret!

But all Moles are builders, too, so I had to prove my chops by showing items that I've made and working on a "surprise" build, to boot. Early one morning Michael and a group of moles showed up at the Isle of Lesbos for a personal tour of the University building, the Bath House, and the Undersea Habitat — all "from scratch" builds of mine — as well as checking out a selection of the custom clubs that I made for our "rezzer" system. ChooChoo Mole dropped a folder on me afterward and asked that I show what I could do to update one of the train locomotives inside. I wasn't too far along having merely adding a couple new textures and changing some colors when I added a custom-made logo (see below) and they stopped me. "You have a flair for graphics and textures," Michael told me, "so let's put that in your bailiwick." I was thrilled, but I asked if I could also have power over Linden plants. You may have noticed it takes special land rights to rez Linden greenery and that a lot of it on the mainland now "floats" above the land, either due to prim drift or the terrascaping on private plots near by. Garden Mole said she could use the help so I have that super power now, too.

My custom graphic for the H&T RR engine. I also made the driver wheel texture but really had no idea what do do with the rest of the locomotive. This is the pretty current 2010 model and was at the maximum number of prims for a vehicle. I sensed that they wanted to see if I would respect the best of the status quo or go nuts and try to rebuild just to show off.
So that's my big news. I might not be blogging an awful lot in the next couple weeks as I settle into my duties (official as of tomorrow, the first day of the work week after my NDA expired), but soon you'll see regular posts from me — especially about the Mainland and all sorts of Mole goodness. I'll be customizing my avatar, too. I'm thinking of a mohawk and a mole-sized iPad. Or going retro with a backpack manual typewriter. Lots of moles don't use the critter avie lately but I've wanted one for so long I don't think I'll take it off for a while.


Marianne McCann said...

Really, aren't we all Correspondent Mole?

Indigo Mertel said...

Congratulations! I look forward to your mole posts... :)

Uccello Poultry said...

Thank you! And yes, we are all Correspondent Mole.

Uccello Poultry said...

I now direct everyone to my April 2nd Posts .... *giggle* ... I fee so bad now.