Monday, April 9, 2012

Retro SL: Starter Home

While I was at the sandbox for yesterday's post, I figured I could knock out another house, the September 2003 House in a Box: Starter Home, as 72 prims (finished) its a plain yet attractive structure with lots of possibilities for modding ... if I could get the doors to work. More on that in a moment.

Laying the floor piece with the main positioning pin. I set it at (X=128, Y=128, Z=36.5) in Sandbox Verenda to get started.
I snapped the walls to the same coordinates but found that the Z (altitude) needed to be different.
The Interior Walls and Cabinets had the exact same coordinates as the Outer Walls. A nice surprise. At this point it would have been easier to add the doors, but the directions said to add the Roof.
Better and better, the Roof shares coordinates with the previous two steps.
No position pins for the doors so I noted the X coordinate for the wall then used it for the door, eyeballing the Y and Z. The Front Door shown here is 11 prims. Each Interior door is 5 prims and the French Doors are 10 prims total.
The instructions simply stated "2. Select and reposition each of these in the locations they belong; Front Door at the front of the house with the vertical door handle facing outward, Interior Door inside the house (copy for more doors if you like), and the French Doors at the rear of the house." I put in three, with one that was a hair too small, but that was easily adjusted. 
Ah, the French Doors. Like the other doors, all the fiddling I tried couldn't get any of them to open. The scripts looked okay and I set them to Running, reset them, and more ... nothing. I wonder if there is a function in them that has been depreciated since the script was originally written. If I get the urge and am bored one day, I'll try them again.
Generally speaking this was a very, very simple house to assemble and the prim count was pretty reasonable, too. A dozen extra textures are included so the adventurous or experienced builder has a number of choices. With a little skill some prims could be trimmed to lessen the land impact, but if you have a 1024m2 parcel you'd easily have about 160 prims with which to furnish your new home. The instructions you can get by with 576m2, but that wouldn't leave room for furniture and you'd have no lawn.

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