Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Social Media Woes

Sitting with my brother at our home in Nangrim (SLurl).
This snapshot is why I'd like to be able to have my Profile Feed work with my Blogger account blog (the one you are reading at this very moment, just to be clear). I would have been able to quickly post it from in-world without having to first copy it to my hard drive or a cloud drive. Anyone know if Wordpress or Tumblr can take the SL Profile Feeds directly? I'd serious consider changing platforms.

This problem has been on my mind for a while, but just the other day a conundrum with Pinterest popped up. Since The Lab suggested that social media option in their SL9B announcement I fancied joining that network so I could share my in-world pictures. However, to join someone also has to have a  Facebook account (something I refuse to own) or a Twitter account (something I don't want).

Aren't the Interwebs a Freedom Of Choice thing. If there was a fee I'd understand, but why should I possibly risk my personal information by using Facebook or go through the process of starting another service I don't want? Summarizing the Pinterest response: "Oh, it's only a minor hassle to start an account on one of those services to join ours then cancel those other accounts because you don't need them to use ours."

I'm dumbfounded. Well and truly dumbfounded. This is what happens when corporations rule the world, virtual or not.

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