Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Caledon Ahavah River Walk

For an hour or so each night over the last several days, my wife Angela and I have been exploring the Caledon regions through The Caledon Quest, a unique hunt throughout the steampunk regions. There is a prize at the end, but there are no individual prizes at each checkpoint in the series save one so your reward is the satisfaction of finding sometimes cleverly hid markers that direct you to the next location. But if you have tastes like mine you'll believe that one of the locations is a prize unto itself — the River Walk in Caledon Ahavah (SLurl). Along the way we've seen some clever architecture, some very old-school retro builds, and some very attractive scenery, but nothing as beautiful as the River Walk.

Standing near the statue in the first picture I quietly asked Angela if there was a way we could move our home here and she twirled about and agreed that would be wonderful. The textures are as close to perfect as I can imagine, the landscaping is perfectly natural —planned gardening run slightly amuck as nature fights to be wild — and the architecture is perfect for the setting. The River Walk scenery is about as good as Second Life gets and deserves a visit. Teleport in via the SLurl above or try the hunt yourself (SLurl) to replicate our experience.


Note: Almost every Windlight setting I used to enhance my shots was a winner, but I settled on [TOR] SUNRISE - Eye of Mowron and the Glassy water option without Shadows or Depth.


Storm said...


I'm Storm, and I happen to be the builder of the Riverwalk. :) Duchess Yenta added the plants and flowers, and some other objects like statues, so the end result is a joint work.

I would like to thank you for your kind words on my work. This is exactly why I build: to give, to share something with people. My greatest reward is when others find enjoyment in my works.

Please, let me give you a link to my website. There are already a few words on the Riverwalk there, and I hope to add my other works too in the future:

Thank you, and best wishes

Uccello Poultry said...

Thank you for sharing, Storm. The Riverwalk was stunning. I'm glad I was able to document it while it existed.

While my boss is away from SL my wife and I are looking into installing a mini-version at the Isle of Lesbos (when the cat is away ...).

Uccello Poultry said...

ooh.. found this ...

Pictures of the Riverwalk.