Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Retro SL: The Alpine House

Way back in the day, it cost L$10 to rez a prim. Any prim. Marianne McCann reminded me about this once regular fee when she noted the Prim Tax prank in her April 1st blog post, and while I wasn't on the Main Grid to witness that, I remember getting a free Alpine House from a now-defunct freebie board in Waterhead (SLurl to the blank wall where the board used to be) and seeing the box labeled "... only $200L to build" (note the old-style of indicating the L$) which is what it would have cost at the time to rez all 20 prims of the house on your land. On a 117 prim, 512m2 "First Land" lot, that was quite a dent in resources.

With a slightly larger than 10m2 footprint, this classic building by Lifetime resident Juro Kothari was a regular sight back in the day and can sometimes be seen on most any trip around the Mainland. I've modified copies of this building more times than I can remember, making new houses and skyboxes, using the roof prims for the texture on other builds, or just practicing my building skills. With sculpties, I bet this could easily be re-created with just 8 or 9 prims and a talented Mesh builder could probably re-create it in 1or even 2 prims — maybe 3 with a door, which the original didn't have, either.

Checking out historical architecture at the Astutla Sandbox (SLurl)

I've been combing through my Storage Alt's Inventory and my own Inventory to find other classic builds of days gone by and I'll probably write some posts about them in the future because Retro SL can be as fun as current SL.

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