Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Mainland Tidbits

Some map hopping today ... open up the map and look for interesting places or randomly double-click.

This is how continents are born, kids! There's an active rift that runs on the seabed from Jurin (SLurl) through Hiwa, and into Katsuo. If you are a mermaid or a diver, check out this bit of fun from the LDPW Moles.

You can catch a ferry boat or rez your own boat in Half Hitch (SLurl). If you ever wonder where everyone is at in Second Life, you can always find some in the Blake Sea regions.

Sometimes you run across a lake on Mainland. Lots of folks make ponds or live along the few rivers, but sometimes a nice lake pops up. I used to think that SL was just tropical islands. This small lake in Pumori is a refreshing change.

Now and then the LDPW Moles go really crazy in the waters. This nice little area was found in Innini. If you ever see giant catfish-like fishes or sea turtles, try sitting on them. Despite the huge variety of critters found here, though, none were rideable.

Degrand is a cute little island and a lovely place for a large sea dragon to find fresh noobies to eat .. erm.. greet. There's a wonderful little light house and some other nice builds on the island. A noob asked me "How do you play this game?" and I replied as I usually do: "Second Life is not a game, it is a virtual world you can explore, like this nice spot, and maybe find some games to play." Then I gave him some landmarks for interesting places to visit and other landmarks for noobie-friendly freebies. I can think of worse places for a noob to start out at than Degrand (SLurl). It's a lovely little place.

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