Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Nangrim Pond & How to Build

Yesterday my brother and I traded some land parcels and sold others in our home region, Nangrim, which left me with a wee bit less land in my own name, but in a separate parcel not connected with the land where our home is located. Sure, it is within a stone's throw, but it is like a little oasis.

The big empty behind me in this pic is the adjacent region of Sokri.

I had toyed with selling the land and getting another Linden Home, those wonderfully economical pre-fabs made by fine Moles and Mole associates. I liked the idea of having more prims per square meter than on typical mainland since the home itself doesn't count against the parcel prim limit, but there's something about an empty piece of land that makes a girl landscaper go squeeeeeee. I put in a pond (yes, there are two at my near by home already) and some nice trees before I let my giant frog loose from my Inventory. Its been a while since he has had a place to hop about and it was good to see him squat down and make him self at home.

In the far background is the treehouse I share with my brother. There is an empty-ish parcel between here and there.  The Nangrim Pond is adjacent to a cute little cabin owned by someone I've never seen. Fortunately it compliments my build.

I also added a really nice cuddle hammock that anyone may use and some fishes, too. There are two of my 87 total prims left (the parcel is is only 385m2) but I'm happy with what I have done. I think the best way to learn building and landscaping is to work within pretty tight limits. It is like when I was learning photography. All the other kids had zoom lenses and flashes, but I was told that I had to master using only a 50mm lens (a "normal" lens on a 35mm camera) and selecting the right film for the situation before I could get fancy. I grumbled at the time, but in looking back I'm glad that I stuck to it, not sneaking any of my brother's lenses out when I really wanted to, because I learned to stretch my imagination. Building on a small parcel is much the same experience. By conserving prims through the use of Linden plants (which are really pretty good) rather than reaching for sculpted prim trees, I could afford having a high-prim frog out and the high-prim hammock.

Yes, I'd like to have 117 prims again, like in a Linden Home or "standard" parcel, but I can keep an eye on the local real estate and pick one up eventually (there are a couple abandoned lots available for cheap right now, but they are well on the other side of the region). For now, I'm cozy in the Nangrim Pond and invite you to visit whenever you'd like to get away sometime.

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