Monday, April 16, 2012

SL9B: Is this the theme? [Update]

The Lab posted "Help Us Celebrate Second Life's 9th Birthday!" and the picture shown above on the Official blog today. Maybe its just a teaser, but the phrasing makes me think that the theme is Community Events. Residents are given a link to the Destination Guide and encouraged to submit information about event and party information. There are also links to the various social media sources The Lab relies upon (more than the Official Blog, IMHO).

It might stretch the boundaries of the celebration's No Commercialism policy, but in-world communities such as Virtual Ability, Luskwood, Relay for Life, and others could stand to benefit greatly from focused exposure at such a large event.

[Update 17 April 2012 12:19PM]
STOP! Go read "Building Community in Second Life or Not" by Honour McMilan NOW. It seems there will be no SL9B at all in the traditional sense. The Lab wants us to celebrate their birthday without them.


Marianne McCann said...

I read that as "there will be no venue for an SL9B event, but we will feature your SL9B related event that you hold on your land on our website and elsewhere"

Honour McMillan said...
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Honour McMillan said...

/me mutters bad words at captcha

I believe Mari is correct. :(

Uccello Poultry said...

Maybe that was in the back of my head, but I strongly tried to deny it *sad face*