Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cadeling Garden

Looking through some landmarks that seem to have fallen to the bottom of my handbag, I came across Cadeling Garden (SLurl), a delightful region that looks to exist more to be joyful than to support a wonderful little shop (avatar skins, clothes, and more) and a fabulous art gallery. As I explored, I realized that the region itself is the true art gallery. Ling Serenity (a Real Life artist) has some truly marvelous pieces set out, many made by her but quite a few from the collections of other Second Life creators.

In a style representative of many, many Japanese regions, much of the landscape is flooded ankle deep, with land portions rich with colorful flowers and plentiful other vegetation. Also, the structures are a time worn to the point of being disheveled, but the region's oft used design trope works very well at Cadeling Garden. Visitors who choose to poke around will find many places to sit and relax as well as joyful bits of Not-Possible-In-Real-Life whimsy. I especially enjoyed the poem in the water near the couple's swing, under the power lines.

Without further ado, the gratuitous landscape porn (taking license to use the Verdigris Windlight pre-set and the Glassy water pre-set — region default seems to be perpetual dusk):

The ladder leads to nowhere, but with such sumptuous scenery, there is no where else you need to be.

A view of the main shop. Some nice bargains on skins, textures, and more. There is a tiny carousel for those who explore.

On the art gallery side, there is a nice couples swing and a poem in the water for the vigilant among us.

At the main shop with a wonderful view of the eastern side of the region.
Now that it is just you and me left, everyone else having looked at this post and moved on out boredom since it isn't about fashion or sex, I'll let you in on a secret. Not all the waters are ankle deep nor are all the attractions within sight of sea level. Poke around and you'll be rewarded.

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