Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blogging a Profile Feed

Another busy day in Real Life meant very little time in Second Life. For quick blogging on days like today, the Post to My Profile Feed button in the Snapshot pane is very handy. I just wish there was a way to publish that feed here on the Blogger platform. I don't know if Wordpress or other services can do that, but I've not found any reliable way to do that here.

And then peeking at the feed as it is, I wonder how the Adult Verification system affects feeds. For example, can a G-rated noobie see explicit pictures in other people's profiles? My pictures there are borderline since no bits are showing, but someone would likely see this as an issue. Oh, my goodness .... what about my child avatar friends? *blush*

A quick comb through of the Terms of Service and the Community Standards don't have any specific information about maturity ratings and Profile Feeds that I can find, but I think that one picture just might be a bit too personal.

*/me looks at the Delete Snapshot option in the feed*

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