Saturday, April 28, 2012

B-B-B-B-Bots All, Folks!

Yes, I cammed in. Take that Ban Lines! But if I can see the name tags from outside the house, what good are the lines?

Wandering about in my dragon avie I managed to run across another bot farm in a Linden Home. These were playing Tiny Empires. Not all were bots as one of them spoke with me when I poked my head through the wall and "rawr"-ed at them, all dragonly. Check out the Linden Homes regions and you'll often find the cluster of green dots on the maps are bot farms. You'll find them in the oceans, too. And herds of bunnies, horses, cats, and other breakables. One house I found was a brothel, a sure violation of the Linden Homes ToS. I don't think that a bot farm would be a violation, though.

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