Monday, April 2, 2012

Announcing ... erm ...

Many thanks to all who sent congratulations for my new job as a Linden Mole, but ... April Fools!

Honestly, I didn't think anyone would really fall for it. Sure, I bought a L$500 avatar from Extrovirtual (SLurl), got a friend to change her Display Name and set up a group for an appropriate title so I could photograph the tag, had certain Profile Feeds edited, and Photoshopped the tag into pictures of me then faked a map showing me somewhere I'm not allowed ... but did I make it that good?

No, I'm not Correspondent Mole. There is no Correspondent Mole. And there is no ChooChoo Mole, either, as mentioned in yesterday's post on this site. The train engine was completed just last night as my wife watched — yet she fell for the joke!

This mole avatar is just one of the many fine Tinies from Wynx Whiplash at Extrovirtual (SLurl).

So, in addition to my thanks I have to tender my apologies for apparently being so good at this April Foolery. And my apologies to all the fine Linden Moles, each of whom I envy and look up to for their skills and generosity. In fact, I've long avoided buying the mole avatar knowing that it is the official one used by the Lindens and I haven't earned that honor.

It's flattering that so many felt that I could be so honored, but it just isn't the case. One day I might again be invited to write for the Official Blog (remember last Halloween?) but I doubt The Lab would ever hire another full-time writer (remember Hamlet Au?) let alone me.

I hope to see you around the Grid, though, especially the Mainland. And if you see me in my mole avatar ...


Marianne McCann said...

I knew it was a "fool," but I think it points to what makes any good April Fool's joke work: it is something we *want* to believe in. I feel that the good works of the Moles should be promoted by the lab, and would about give my virtual eyeteeth to be in such a position with the Lab to do so. I'd also be happy to see someone else get such a position to do so. IMO, it's a lost opportunity by the Lab to *not* have these things promoted highly.

That made your gag easy to believe. It's something, I think, many would love to see happen is all, so people will overlook the "tells."

(For me, aside from not believing anything on the 1st, ChooChoo Mole was the giveaway. I "verified" your story, too, by checking for )

Uccello Poultry said...

Yay! I didn't fool someone! Thank you for your kind words, Mari :) I thought someone would check the names but you seem to be the only one I know about. You are just too clever. Huggs!

SpaceCase said...

Ahahaha! Joke well done! I got fooled. :D

Uccello Poultry said...

@SpaceCase Thanks. It was a spur-of-the-moment thought as i was falling asleep on the 31st and I got right to it as soon as I got up.