Monday, April 16, 2012

50 Thousand Plus

Uccello the Owl swooping in to catch some squirrel prey for her Inventory.

Last night after doing a little bit of Inventory maintenance I was pleased and dismayed to see my total item count was just over 50,000 pieces nearly 51,000 pieces. Mind you, my least used Alt has a mere 3, 205 pieces in her Inventory, nearly 10 bird avatars being the bulk of her acquired-since-Rez Day additions. Quite a difference, but some things really need to be noted:

  • My wee pixy Alt has been accumulating items for landscaping so my total inventory is actually much larger.
  • The bulk of my textures are not in viewers.
  • My Building folder is filled with stuff — raw materials, if you will — such as columns and arches and furniture bits and .... you get the idea.
  • I've been fairly good at but I could be much better at keeping Uccello's Inventory organized by boxing backup copies of most everything that had Copy perms and boxing up unused items such as 20-something shades of a particular hair style when I really wear but five at the most.
  • Landmarks and Note Cards I don't frequently use are deleted almost immediately.
  • Calling Cards count toward your Inventory total so if you remove a friend, remove their Calling Card (especially since every time a friend logs in or out, your entire Inventory is scanned so your experience slows).
  • I keep too much stuff out of sentimentality.
  • Too many items I've collected were picked up for "I might need this some day" reasons.

All this was on my mind when I was making lunch today and listening to Episode 24 of The Ihnatko Almanac podcast, "The Big Edit," which focused heavily on keeping only things you can't really live without by editing your complete collection of stuff. Like do you really need all those comic books (the host's example) or all those Legos you don't play with (my example). Or those ten pair of boots you have in your Second Life Inventory just because you had to have them for particular outfits you don't really wear any more. Yes, I really need to do some editing, if only more boxing of things I don't use much and don't want to lose.

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