Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Riverwalk at Caledon Ahavah is No More

On April 4th I posted "Caledon Ahavah River Walk" with several pictures from one of the most beautiful builds ever in Second Life and today I'm very sad to report that the build is gone. My brother had his alt out to run the Caledon Quest and arrived to find a big empty. The region is still there, but all that I fell in love with had been removed.

Click here to see "the past glory." CC's Alt hovers in the foreground as he IMs the Quest people to find out what he should do for the rest of the hunt (Word is things will be patched up in a day or so).

A new structure has been erected and a clever memorial lies inland from the river. The railroad and airship infrastructure remains. A lone synagogue sits trackside and a shop anchors one end of the region on the opposite side.

The Riverwalk is gone. Alas, the build owner, Yenta Bernheim, has to spend an extended time in Real Life soon and cleared the build so the region owner could rent to a new tenant. My brother spoke with her (I was sitting with him to help him with the Quest) about the circumstances and of course, Real Life comes first. The region will be completely cleared on or before May 1st to make way for something new.

Wishing you all the Best, Yenta, and a swift return to Second Life to share more of your visions, please.


Uccello Poultry said...

Pictures of the Riverwalk from the creator are at ooh.. found this ...

She also left a comment on the original post

Tracy said...

Any word on the quest patch? I'm on that step now, and it still points to Caledon Ahavah. :(

Uccello Poultry said...

I asked my brother and he got directions from the quest maker. Might wanna IM him (I don't know his name but you can it from the prim at the previous marker).