Tuesday, June 25, 2013

3D in Your Browser

Engadget reports that the Firefox browser has been upgraded to support 3D games, particularly those that run the Unreal 3D Engine (think Epic Citadel, the game I've written about before on this blog). This should prove once again that Second Life can be run in a Web browser so I have to ask "Why isn't it being done?" The Lab tested it at one time (see here) but we've heard nothing since. Google keeps improving Cloud Party (see here) with the latest iteration looking very, very good. Sometimes I feel as if Internet/game technology is passing Our World by while The Lab sits on it's laurels.

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Dante Mikado said...

Excellent points, Uccie. I'm not a knee-jerk LL basher, but I've seen so many thoughtful comments, observations and suggestions from people like you who love SL and want to see it advanced that I just have to wonder what are the Lindens thinking with so many of their decisions (and indecisions).