Saturday, June 15, 2013

SL10B: Some Photos

Without getting into a lot of hoo ha, I'm not involved with SL10B this year. Yes, I was for a short time, but it seems I'm not really welcome there. I had planned on some photo essays and had a head start, but it's just not going to happen. Here are some photos that I've already stocked up and I may well sneak back in for more photos. There are some exhibits that weren't finished when I was ejected and would like to see in their completed glory. Without much comment and no SLurls, here are some highlights. I encourage you to explore, ask Greeters for gifts, compliment anyone you see with a Sim Coord tag, and generally have a good time.

This picture of the Turtle Stage was published on this blog earlier, but at the creator's request I removed it. You might have seen it, though, as it has been on the official event Flickr since then. I guess no one else was asked to remove theirs. Since this was taken some waterfalls have been added and quite a few details. Flea Bussy and Toady Nakamura have created one of the most wondrous places in all of Second Life and I truly wish The Lab would find a way to preserve it as a "national" treasure. You can't see me in this picture as I had hidden myself, but I would have been a tiny speck on the snout of this massive creature.

Bear Island is back, largely thanks to Marianne McCann, I suspect, as most of the bears are hers. This picture was originally posted on MySL so you may have seen it.

Another picture of Bear Island from MySL. You can grab copies of some of the bears.

The Lake Stage is one of many venues for DJs and live performers. Its beautiful is a bonus.

Another view of the Lake Stage.

New England is represented again this year. I visited often and felt right at home.

Another view of the New England Exhibit.

Now & Then is a brilliant art project that fuses portraits of a Resident's oldest avatar with their current one into a single piece. Several of my friends have their portraits here and I was lucky enough to be asked to pose, too.

The first floor of Now & Then is a gallery while the second floor has several studios so that you can create your own dual portrait and add it to a free frame.

Some of the best exhibits this year are from the kid community in Second Life. Soken Kids beautifully fits the event theme of Looking Back, Looking Forward and is fun to explore. Oh, and lots of gifties.

Oldbies ... well, people of my SL generation, too ... will recognize The Cornfield.

I always enjoy Transgender Lounge's exhibit. This color-shifting umbrella is fun to watch as you read through the informational displays.

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