Thursday, June 20, 2013


Ansi Sodersrtom and Kennylux Luckless have brought a bit of the Minna region madness to SL10B (SLurl) for an exhibit that is in my Top Five Must See spots. I happened to wander by while a very quiet mole in dark glasses was taking pictures and notes.

Minna is one of Second Life's first sims (source) and like most of the oldest ones, it is fabulously unique. Ansi and Kenny seem to work very hard keeping the region wild and interesting but for them, really, it is just play, play, building, and more play.

Yes, that is a functional Torley Trap on exhibit. I don't understand Kenny's fascination with SL's (probably) most famous resident, but I certainly support it if it keeps being tons of fun.

Need one really say anything at this point?

Behold, the sacred Cotton Swab. Moles, for some reason, have an affinity for cotton swabs and Minna has the world's first (and probably only) shrine to this instrument of cleanliness. Of course, this is a replica, the original being far to valuable to transport. Note, mind you, that this exhibit has "materials"-enabled texturing. The creative (and likely cracked) minds of the Minna builders are always on the cutting edge.

More of the new texture technology as the secretive mole watches a rogue angry cube confront an alligator from the Turtle Stage elsewhere at SL10B.

This replica of the secret Cotton Swabs Main Storage locker has many clever and amusing freebies inside, available to anyone (including moles) for just a click. Keep clicking, though, as you only get one at a time. Actually, most everything at this exhibit is free. Either buy it for L$0 or take a copy. Some of the items are even educational despite being fun. By the way, the original locker is securely hidden in the Minna region, but a with a little snooping, I bet you'll find it.
(Like here, maybe).


One of the angry protest cubes got loose.
Oddly, it's sign uses the new "materials" texture technology.
(shhh...sekret ... that's Kenny in a fun avatar.)
Despite all these pictures, there is far more to this 1024m2 exhibit than I can show here. I have spent hours on-site before and after the event opening and I still can't get enough. Ansi and Kenny very well could be the heart of Second LIfe just as Minna is in the heart of the Old Sims.

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What a wonderful report. Thanks Uccello :-)