Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's In My Closet: Kiwiberriness

The convenience of having a clothes closet in Second Life is not to be under-rated. I took well over half an hour putting together this outfit and being able to save it means that I can easily whip it back out when I want it. In the past, I'd have one "Quick Me" folder at the top of my Inventory that I could simply drag onto my name tag at a moment's notice and be fully kitted without a fuss. But that meant putting a copy of every item worn from the shape on outward into the folder then changing the contents every few weeks so my appearance wouldn't be too stale.

Eventually, I also made a "Quick Dressable Me" folder with all the necessary body parts and HUDs so that I could quickly add any outfit and then some shoes and be on my way.

When The Lab came out with Saved Outfits I was  apprehensive. My blog entry from June 7, 2010 showed that I had a right to be wary: "Recently, I and two of my alts experienced massive inventory losses: skins, prim attachments such as hair and shoes, eyes, mesh-based clothes, and more. Interestingly, items that survived the loss were ones that I had 'linked' to create Saved Outfits in the My Appearance pane in the Second Life v2.0 viewer." The problem was eventually solved and hasn't re-occurred and I've enjoyed my clothes closet ever since.

Body Parts: unBra Indigo C62/M5 skin (this has a bit of violet in the eye shadow); Lola's Tangos "Implants"; Ibanez Fantasy Glow Eyes (Ostara); Slink mesh hands; Wasabi Pills Amelie Mesh Hair in Crystal Violet.

I don't want to automatically run to the "fun hair" part of my Inventory when I have a colorful outfit and this looks good with a short blonde bob, but the hair drape forms a nice frame with the dress bottom.

Clothes: KnocKeRs Lady Luck dress in Kiwi Berry; HOC platform pumps (not shown as they sunk into the backdrop when I posed but were colored to fit the dress); PrimOptics freebie Plume eyeglasses; GanK Violet Voltaire collar and cuffs (adding OpenCollar and LockMeister scripts is what took up most of the time then choosing the right hair took almost as much time); R.Icielli Neon 02 Lipstick; Wedding ring and Magellan's Secret Decoder Ring.

If anyone can't search for these items in-world or on the Marketplace, let me know. I'm too lazy to look up the stuff for this post but I could probably be persuaded to help if asked.

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