Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Model for My Second Life

Just yesterday esteemed Resident Vick Forcella pointed out on MySL that according to a Grid Status report the Profile feeds are undergoing maintenance and he further notes that this notice was opened in September 2013 but has never been closed. This probably means that someone forgot to update the status of this post. Regular watchers of the Grid Status page will tell you that other instances of maintenance on have been opened and closed since giving credence to the idea of a forgotten post.

Or maybe it never was closed for a reason. Perhaps MySL is dead and we haven't been notified of it, another in a long line of projects started and abandoned. "The Feed" was born from the Avatars United purchase by M Linden then Rodvik Linden killed it by "gutting the team" as a friend in the know put it last night.

The Feed no longer needs maintenance. It is beyond that. The system needs to be replaced. I'm not a programmer, but I did find a model that would might work.

Or at least some of the features in the iOS 8  flavor of iMessages should be adopted. And I have some other suggestions (please add yours in the comments).

  • Tired of receiving a generic Notification every time anyone responds to an unidentified thread? You should be able to opt out of a thread's Notifications without going through entry-by-entry deleting your contributions.
  • Attachments and in-line preview of same. I would say that almost a quarter of the messages I see posted have a link to YouTube but I really hate clicking on said links unless I have an idea (other than "oh, another moody song") of what to expect. Other residents post links to Flickr or Snapzilla or Marketplace pages. 
  • Why does clicking the Visit Location link on a post generate another browser tab/window? Just have it pop up in the Viewer (if it is running) or as an in-line map (if the Viewer isn't running).
This isn't a call for something dramatic like file sharing (but imagine being able to post your custom Windlight file for all to use!) or a stand-alone application for just messaging (might as well just buy Plurk if that's gonna happen). This is a call for replacing a broken-beyond-hope system that was thoroughly inelegant to start with and improving the end experience in the process.


Laetizia Coronet said...

Just give me a working mute function, where I simply never see anything written by the person I muted. Not in Trending and not under other peoples' posts. It would resolve 99% of the drama.

Uccie Poultry said...

Mute is a good idea, but look how long it took Twitter to get that feature.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Feed. It was borked when I first came to it. The trolling/abuse issues are but one problem, that along with absolutely NO oversight by LL means that a small handful of amoral assholes can ruin the whole thing for people. Then there's the recurring inability to post photos. Has anyone noticed that Russia always seems to get their photos in? :) PS I wish blogger would get a "like" widget!

Uccie Poultry said...

Pretty sure even a wealthy concern like The Lab could afford to hire enough moderators to police The Feed. Maybe the picture problems go beyond Second Life. The folks at Snapzilla/SLU don't seem to be able (or interested) in getting me registered so I can use their service. When The Lab puts the Sharing viewer into production I might get a tweetie account.

Dante Mikado said...

Great ideas all, Uccie. You should ask all your friends (and acquaintances) to copy this post and paste it in the LL suggestion box. Repeatedly!

Uccie Poultry said...

Thanks, y'all!!