Monday, June 9, 2014

Ever's Tiny Island

Still vandalizing despite circumstances, it looks like Ever Dreamscape struck again yesterday, this time marking Tiny Island in Bay City as hers.

Ever's Tiny Island (SLurl)
Of course, locals have long referred to the spit of land as "Ever's Tiny Island," or at least since the combined King Kong and shark attack one day last year or the stranding of tourists before that. Or were there fires? Probably. Anyway, most of Bay City could be considered hers as that is how she thought of it, without question.

Ever Dreamscape, Evola Courtois, and me during a fun photo shoot involving
Ever's Tiny Island on July 23, 2013.
We were running in SloMo as part of the Bay (City) Watch team. Or was it lag?
Hard to live a day in Our Fair City without seeing something that reminds me Ever and it is nice that should these other reminders go away, we'll still have Ever's Tiny Island. Many thanks to the "real vandals" Marianne McCann and Sylvan Mole for adding this treasure.

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