Friday, June 6, 2014

Long Story, but Kennylex

Long story but I'm just gonna say Kennylex Luckless, Second Life's premier Prim Doodler. He's always experimenting with prims, textures, and the texture-enhancing Materials feature. I was at his freebie shop in Minna (SLurl) again and took some pix for another purpose and I'm publishing them here for a reason not terribly important to anyone. All are unedited and feature standard Windlight (except the first one).

This is the Old Watermill in Minna, a really cool structure that Kenny built to hold his freebies and experiments. Pretty sure he lives here, too, but I don't poke around (wink wink).

Turn on Advanced Lighting and you see this ... projected light and prims you can almost feel.

Turn off Advanced Lighting and it is like SL was rolled back two years.
Turn on Advanced lighting and the magic happens.

Turn off Advanced lighting and you see the most basic of textured prims again.
Kenny's experiments often become freebies in a little shop plus you can grab items that will help you learn his tricks and techniques. I've learned so much from Kenny and he alway brightens my day. Visit Minna to see what I mean.


ZZ BOTTOM said...

Alm on and shadows are the only way to be in Sl nowadays if you wish to enjoy all the it can offer visually.
Yes, one can use any lower graphic quality, even come on a gadget (Ludmiya or ragedast) and some will never be able to notice it (eyes disabled users per example.
But for those who can run Sl in all its glory, there is no turning back.

Uccie Poultry said...

It really is beautiful with all the toys active as your pictures on Flickr show, but sadly, not all of us can afford the hardware to do that. I can turn on the eye candy so long as I'm not moving around.