Saturday, June 28, 2014

How Do I Love Thee?

One of the less truly useful features of the My Second Life microblog is the "Love" option on each post. What does it really mean? Maybe if I used MyFace or FacePlace or something like that I'd be able to answer my own question. Perhaps I should explain how I use the "Love" option.

Take this post (shown above) by ZZ Bottom (AKA Foneco Zuzu) from the Live Stage at SL11B (SLurl) featuring staff member Ruby Vandyke. I clicked "Love" because I know Ruby. She's not a close friend. She's not even on my Friend list. But we've talked often during the Second Life Birthday so I liked the picture. If "Like" had been an option then, yes, I would have clicked that. Strength of feeling doesn't usually matter when I "Love" a post or not.

My usual criteria to click "Love" are ...

... do I know the subject?
... is it a really nice picture?
... is Toples Tuesday the topic?
... exploration pictures would rate "Very Loved" if that was an option.

What sorts of posts do I NOT "Love"? Generally, serial pictures of people at parties or events or dancing. Posts that are likely controversial and I'd rather not be in the way of constant "Someone replied ..." notices tend to go un-Loved.

I certainly don't expect people to "Love" my posts unless they really want to do so. There are a few who I know don't "Love" my Topless Tuesday pix and I understand their reasons. Fine. Not a problem. I'd rather have a discussion going on a post than see a "Love" notice. That tells me that people are more involved in what I post. Yes, I'm guilty of not doing that myself, but I'm working on it.


Roc Plutonian said...

Is a google +1 a love?

Uccie Poultry said...

Honestly, Roc, I haven't tried to understand Google+