Monday, November 24, 2014

Lost My Geek Cred

Some think that I'm quite the geek. After all, I've got the shirt. A Second Life shirt, which is quite geeky.  Really, if you believe some press, if you aren't a pervert in SL you must be a geek. Not that the two are mutually exclusive, but that's another blog post. If that's not enough, I have a ton of gadgets, many of which get press time on this blog. I read mostly Sci-Fi/Fantasy, I watch Dr Who, and I play with Lego blocks.


Then came along Strawberry Singh's "Geeks'n'Nerds" post on her blog and my Geek Cred was seriously challenged. I took the "How Geeky Are You" quiz she mentions and it seems I'm just a Semi-Geek:
Maybe you're just influenced by the trend, or maybe you just got it all perfectly balanced. You have some geeky traits, but they aren't as "hardcore" and they don't take over your life. You like some geeky things, but aren't nearly as obsessive about them as the uber-geeks. You actually get to enjoy both worlds.
I'm crushed. I mean, no I don't own a game console (unless you count a Wii that is never used), my phone isn't "rooted," I can't drink Mt Dew like when I was a kid, and the only code I know is Hammurabi's (Still waiting for a chance to use it).


Orcsi said...

Don't worry, Uccie, you're the perfect girlgeek. I mean it's not your fault those stupid buzzfeeders define geek in such a narrow way. I guess as long as you have something you really love doing and obsessing over, and you're really good at it you're a geek. Doesn't necessarily need to be sciences, smart phones or video games.

Like you I'm also just a semi-geek. So I simply decided for myself that I'm a nerd, not a geek. Now I'm content with myself again.

Uccie Poultry said...

Hugs, Orca! Thank you for the support. "Nerd" is better for me but I do geek out a fair bit. I saw your blog post, too, and it explains a lot :)

Jennifer Chapman said...

I got semi geek but then it's geared towards techno geek.

I'm a sci fi geek/ I know i'm a sci fi geek and felt the quiz didn't really ask me anything that would have scored me the high points

so us Semi Geeks have to stick together

Uccie Poultry said...

Semi-Geek Power!!