Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Other Route 11

Poultry Report correspondent Zyx Flux is on the road again, reporting an anomaly in the road numbering systems on Second Life's Mainland. Apparently there are two roads named Route 11. I'll let her explain ...

On my way to meet some dragons about – well, that's not important – I noticed this lovely walkway in Vaktarin and found it is a terminus of Route 11 (SLurl). Frequent travelers know that there is a Route 11 that runs from Paneer (SLurl) to an end in a small sea in Jameed (Slurl), the road itself actually ending in Passendale (SLurl). So I was rather curious and hiked the walkway.

Heading North-Northeast you'll come across a little rest area after about 2/10 of a kilometer. The steps lead up the side of the mountain to a lot of abandoned land and one small residence. This is the peak elevation of the walkway, just 77 meters but it seems like quite a bit more.

The walkway drops rapidly after that then starts a gradual downslope (or upslope, depending on your direction of travel, I guess).

About 7/10 of a kilometer along the way is another rest area, this one overlooking a beach. Elevation has dropped to just over 40 meters so you'll see a change in vegetation with more tropical plants along the path.

Then just a kilometer after the start, the walkway ends and you are at the Kwaito Rez Zone (SLurl) staring at a mysterious dirt path leading up the mountain. Some local squirrels told me that only the worthy can walk the path to the Temple of the Prim so I took no chances and flew up.

Good thing, too. As I looked down I saw it was a nasty, rough trail with many switchbacks. It's good to be a pixy with wings. Someone with longer legs could probably make the 140 meter (or so) climb pretty easily. Or they could rez a helicopter in the Rez Zone. Or a motor bike. You get the idea.

So I made it to the temple (SLurl) and spent the rest of the morning exploring. My camera's memory card was full and there was no Wi-Fi to cloud-ify the pictures I had, but I'll return to take more pictures soon. In the mean time, here's the one I was able to get:

You should visit, too. This is an oft overlooked attraction. Kudos to the Linden Department of Public Work's Mouldy Mole (no longer with The Lab) and Crazy Mole (also no longer with The Lab) for their excellent work on the temple with more to Sylvan Mole and Crazy Mole for the walkway. The trip is fun and the temple is a lovely place with a few surprises.

Note: The YavaPod that travels the walkway uses the term "Old Route 11" in it's descriptions.

Zyx's explorations are a popular feature on this blog and she is now on staff full-time so look for more reports in the future. Her visit to the temple reminded me of a comment I made to Torley the other day ... The LDPW and the places they create in Our World aren't promoted or celebrated enough. Sure, we should emphasize Resident builds, but The Lab has a valuable asset. Anyone who is bored in Second Life sure hasn't been seeing what the Moles have done. Go. Check out more LDPW projects!

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