Monday, November 3, 2014

Meauxle Bureaux

Every Autumn the monarch butterflies flock to Mexico, but where to moles go? I don't know, unless they are Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) Moles. They go to Meauxle Bureaux (SLurl), a fun region where each Mole has a home (and Abnor Mole has a pub). Intrepid Poultry Report correspondent Zyx Flux explored and sent these pictures (Click to embiggen or see them on Flickr).

(SLurl) A broad area with a fountain and reflecting pool separates the main building from a lovely park. Adorable vendor stalls add to the festival atmosphere that fills the little town. It would be quite daunting for a little pixy (I'm at the bottom, center) but Moles are friendly folk so how scary could their town be?
Sadly, none of these lovely flowers were really for sale. Nor were any of the items in the other vendor stalls, but you could borrow a bicycle to explore Meauxle Bureaux.
The park looking West from the fountain area. That may look like a portal that you might see on Linden Portal park (SLurl) but it isn't. Still magical, though, like the rest of the park.
The main building (it must have a name, but I can't find it) looks a bit like the Moles are still moving in, but you can see the magic already. Click some of the pictures for landmarks to some great LDPW builds (like The Cornfield!). An upper gallery has portraits of some beloved Moles you should know.
Little pixy; Big tavern. Abnor Mole's "home" is a warm and inviting public Public House. You can play billiards or "Cards Against Humanity," watch television, or just hang out. Plenty of comfy seats and lots of great Mole pix add to the atmosphere.
Some homes are occupied already, like this choice end unity that Garden Mole claimed, but some are still empty. I look forward to returning often to see the creativity that each of these master builders add to their space.
Explore everywhere, try different Windlight settings, and take lots of pictures. There is so much to see and you might even meet a Mole or two. Try to find Michael "It's good to be the King" Linden's house.
Zyx sent so many pictures, quite a few blurry from a shaking camera or repeats of several scenes. It's quite obvious she is very excited about the new Mole homes and meeting Frost Mole (see here) like I did yesterday (see here). Yesterday I gave some LDPW Mole Fan Club t-shirts to Frost and Abnor and Zyx gave a petite-sized one to Frost. You can get copies of the shirt at the Arboretum in Bay City (SLurl) and use Search to join the group (free!).

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