Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Phone is Smart

What does a mute need with a mobile phone? Texting, at minimum. Great way to communicate. Then the iPod Touch came out and wherever I could find Wi-Fi, FaceTime was my go-to communications solution. Now I have a smart phone.

No, I wish it was an iPhone. The monthly cost would be prohibitive considering I only text or use Wi-Fi. So our family buys Tracphones, a pre-paid service here in the US that deducts "minutes" for voice, text, or data. I get a new phone every year because someone at Tracphone hasn't figured out that for not much more than buying a one-year service card I can get a new phone, a ton of minutes, and a year of service.

This year my brother and I got LG Ultimate 2 smart phones. Big learning curve to pick up Android compared to Apple's iOS but it was sooooo cheap! But now I have to get Skype. Then figure out how to get my iOS calendars to show up on Google calendars. Synching contacts was done with a cheat.

Up-sides? It looks like if I'm on Wi-Fi I don't use any minutes for texting (or voice, my brother tells me) and most apps I use on my iPod/iPad are on Android, too. Like Grocery iQ 9not as nice as the iOS version), Kindle,  Full Deck Solitaire, and then some. Thinking of getting Lumiya for Second Life on the road.

The biggest up-sides – I don't have to carry two devices and I can still do maps or Interwebs if I don't have Wi-Fi. Oh! And I used one of my pictures from Meauxle Bureaux (Slurl) as my wallpaper.

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