Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bugged Again

Did I mention the fun I had with bugs yesterday? This hole in the sea was only the second of many. Triangles with variable geometry with one point always on my head plagued me, curtains of water shooting up from the sea along a plane parallel to me and measuring the width of the sim, and my neck stretching beyond all proportions were just the more amusing ones.

No, I didn't bother filing a bug report on the JIRA (Web). My experience is that others will do one or more of several things: (1) Close the report so they can file their own and claim to be first; (2) Close the report claiming a bogus and ineffectual solution that the nOOb filing the report should have seen; (3) Comment "Me, too!" loud and proud but without any documentation or details about their computer/software. I've seen these things happen to many reports, not just my own. I wonder who these critters that seem to live in the JIRA really are, but like those that haunt the Official Blog (Web) comments and the forums I doubt many spend much quality time in-world. Rather they make the Web attachments to the Grid their bailiwick. Would this be a Third Life?

I rebooted my computer and all was fine. The Activity Monitor on my iMac shows a steady and unrecoverable memory leak when the Second Life® viewer runs. I've been rebooting twice a day, minimum, since the latest viewer was made available. I haven't had to do this sort of thing since I had a PC. And I had the same bugs. I wonder when the stripes will return.

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