Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Openspace: Consolidation & Theft?

One of the blogs that I follow (see sidebar) is Massively's coverage of Second Life®. Tateru Nino does a wonderful job of investigating deep issues and reporting on things that that really matter. Her latest (as of this moment) is "Second Life land loss escalates" (Web) where she reports
While a number of users have requested a consolidation of four Openspaces simulators into a single ordinary simulator (which would represent an overall net loss of three simulators per consolidation) there is no data available to suggest that any of the requested consolidations have yet been processed.
The Openspace issue wasn't terribly important to me until recently when my wife rented one for us. Then without knowing, we learned about the consolidation first-hand. Here's my comment on the Massively post:

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