Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bugged a Blue Streak

As you can see from the pictures, something is amiss on the Grid©®™. Not entirely sure when the sim first went blue. I had started landscaping using the Imprudence viewer (Totally fabulous so check it out; Web) but quickly logged out then back in with the standard viewer for reasons that are not important to the issue. I had been using a sim-sized megaprim textured with the land contours I wanted to help me sculpt the terrain and at one point when I moved the template away and turned off water rendering I noticed that the happy little sand was not so happy.

When I found a convenient stop point I took that first picture then teleported home and all was right as rain. Until something blinked, that is, and my home took on the same sickly hue. So I took another picture and logged out entirely, being sure to clear my Web and Network caches and logged back in to the service. Interestingly, the "Last Location" snap that greeted me was fine. And my home was once again a lush green (my friend/sister/landlord made an awesome grass texture for her sim). I went back to the first sim and all was fine once again. But now I have an interesting bug. I wonder if all my de-rendering/re-rendering of the water was the cause.

FYI, I'm working on that first sim because of what you might have caught in an earlier post (Web) about my new store location (Web). I'll post a new SLurl when I can. Someone's greed has put my schedule at least a week behind and has cost my Partner real world money.

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