Sunday, November 2, 2008

Second Life Bloggers Mix'n Match

A couple days ago I applied for the Second Life Bloggers Mix'n Match announced on Vint Falken's blog (Web) and on ArminasX Saiman's blog (Web) October 24th. The idea is that participants will write a post on a topic they may not be familiar with at all for someone else's blog. Today I was pleased to learn that I was accepted! Stuart Warf of The Insane Life of Stuart Warf (Web) will be posting on my blog with the topic "Can SL and RL truly be kept separate from each other?" while I'll be writing on "the ways SL experience is affected by avatars connecting outside SL with sites like Plurk and Flickr" for Torley Linden's blog ... er ... it might be on the official SL blog (Web), actually. Not sure, but the assignment list (Web) shows that to be the case.

:::runs in circles all terrorfied:::

Yes, terrorfied! First thing that scared me is the topic, but after a little thought I figured I could handle it. After all I've heard of Plurk and I'm a subscriber to both Flickr and Twitter. Then I saw that I was to write for Torley Linden. Yes TORLEY! Cripes! In terms of SL fame he's way up the ladder. I guess he puts his pants on two legs at a time like the rest of us (What? You can't?) so I'm a bit less freaked, but there is still a bit of arrrrgghhh! happening. I hope he remembers the nice watermelon hammock I sent to him recently and thinks kind thoughts when he sees what I'll write. But then I saw that my writing will likely be on the Offcial Linden Blog.

:::more running around in circles like poultry from a barbecue:::

Okies. Breathing now (stole one of mom's portable oxygen bottles and left a note that I'd get it refilled). I've frequently posted comments so I'm not unknown on the blog. I've even had folks in-world contact me about my comments so maybe it won't be all bad.

:::faints with the question "Where'd I leave my tranqs?" on her mind:::

Look for the posts to appear November 12th, all over the blogosphere.

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