Friday, November 14, 2008

PoP ~ No Longer Secret

You may have noticed that like many in Second Life®, I sell things that I make. It's pretty modest because I'd rather create than sell. So for a couple years The Poultry Co. has marketed skins, furniture, landscaping items, and more. Partly out of boredom and partly out of a need to accumulate more wealth ... um ... earn a bit more money ... I've started re-branding as PoP, a department store. I'll be focusing more heavily on landscaping and clothes as well as offering a few more conventional goods. What I'm excited about is I'll be offering services, such as making custom teleporters and creating prize hunts.

Another reason for the changes I can thank my loving wife for: Angela has recently rented a sim for her business (Dream Images Skins and Shapes) and we'll be having a grand opening in about two weeks.

But I have a lot of my stuff in place now and I'm proud of the custom store that I built. So drop into Cote Azure (SLurl) soon and take a look. Not everything is in place, but enough for a 'soft opening' today. I'm pretty pleased with the landscaping I did. Angela supplied the textures and otherwise let me run wild. The infrastructure is also custom designed and built by me. Some of it may change by the grand opening, but not by much (I hope).

Look for expansion of the MicroSTUFF brand, too, my line of goods for tinies. These will also be available at Hug✩Mart(SLurl). And my line of Erotic Art will still be available in the Isle of Lesbos Mall (SLurl), probably under the old company name.

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