Sunday, February 20, 2011

Deep Deep

I love exploring little, out-of-the-way places, and Deep Deep (SLurl) with its shore-front setting is going to be a favorite. With a rustic, homey tavern, a pastry cafe, and a steamy spa, this is a great place to relax. The attention to realistic detail is phenomenal yet there are magical qualities if you look closely enough. The textures are wonderful, they layout is imaginative yet comfortably "normal." I really like this place.

Partly for the pastry cafe. It has a suprising number of liquor bottles compared to what I'm used to seeing in Real Life, but look at the licence plate in this pic ... that's the kind of stuff you would see in such shops where I live. So pull up some coffee, kick back, and have a nice chat. You'll find this cafe is very inviting.

A warm and cozy tiny tavern is near by, with a bar, a piano, and a wonderful rocking chair next to a fireplace. With lots of poses in the rocker, you'll find yourself spending a lot of time here, I bet. It is perfect near the fire and you can warm your toes on the cute little kitty cat, too. Outside is a big dog, just as you'd expect. Whomever laid out this place seems to have put just about everything in just the right place. The snowy window next to the piano is a bit disconcerting, with no snow outside, but this is SL, after all. Stop thinking and just sit back to enjoy.

The spa is a bit steamy, but it does have a nice couples cuddle and if the environment is "sweater weather" as everything seems to indicate, a real spa would be that steamy as it reacts with the cold. The location is perfect, with a great view out to sea. I'd put one in that spot, too. It feels right.

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