Friday, February 18, 2011

What's in My Closet: Caucasian Pixy

While my pixy alts are an extension of me, I try to adhere to a semi-formal set of behavior and appearance guidelines to keep them as magical folk. For example, most sources indicate that Real Life pixies (if there are such a thing ... and there are) tend to be colorful, mostly blue-skinned, creatures. So when Epic Skins (store SLurl) released a preview of some new skins to group members, I was less than excited. Yes, I'm sure they were nice skins as Jade Winthrop, the owner, makes very high quality goods. But I wasn't wrong in thinking "they'll be caucasian" and not for pixies. As group membership cost L$250 I grabbed it, though, to get value out of every penny of my sign-up fee. It turns out "Elfin-Miriel in Mocha" (with or without Cleavage) is very, very nice. The eye tattoos are adorable. And I was able to use a pre-set in the SLink "Sachara Elf Ears" (store SLurl) to match tones, quickly making a non-blue pixy. I love the slightly parted lips showing a bit of teeth. And danged if the little bugger doesn't look all grown up and sexy. I must remember she's sort of a "child avie" when I wear this skin in the future ... or the whole set I'm thinking of buying when it is released.

A new outfit from Worldwide Industries (store SLurl) coordinates wonderfully with the skin. "Hellbent Corseted Tank in Dark Gray with Striped Smoky Pants" comes with several layers for modesty or naughtiness or to mix-match with other outfits. It is a bargain at the L$350 regular price but as part of a "Five Random Outfits for L$5 Each" sale, I practically stole it yesterday (selection changes daily through the end of this calendar month). My usual avie has so many clothes from this shop that I've made a folder just for them. Worldwide's outfits and separates are usually a bit to "racy" for my little pixy, but she has a few of the cuter, "girly" outfits the shop sells.

Some of you are going to ask, so ... the hair is "Airy" in Obsidian from ETD, a discontinued style (If I was wealthy, I'd try to buy all of Elika Tiramisu's old inventory to sell to noobs), and the necklace is part of the G.G. Addicted "Infinity" set (store SLurl). Zyx's usual tattoo didn't render for some reason, but you can see her customary "Blue Skies Dragonfly Wings" from Material Squirrel (store SLurl) and the pixy antenna are from Epic, same shop the skin is from. Her eyes are from a bargain-priced neko set at Negaposi (store SLurl).

All-in-all, Zyx makes a cute pixy, be she blue or caucasian. Magic is in the heart and the attitude, anyway, which this skin and outfit certainly enhance.

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