Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Eyes

For a long time I've used and recommended Prismatic Natural Eyes from Santana Lumiere's Nevermore Studios, wearing the green #86 myself since September 3, 2006 with infrequent changes. At L$25 they are great quality and a good price. Last I saw, my wife still wears the purply #84. The whole collection is hard to come by, though, with only a few now available on the SL Marketplace. None of these were acceptable to a noob I was helping so we buckled down and did some research. Lo and behold, I now use a new set, retiring the Prismatics to rest with the dozens of other sets I've managed to collect. My new eyes are from BSN (store SLurl) and are simply called Green Eyes (yah ... really basic name there). A great bargain for L$10 (though you can get a set with 5 colors for L$30).

In this split-image picture, the eye on the right (my left) is the Prismatic. I love the shading of the iris and the little flecks of brown. On the left (my right) is the new BSN eye. The sclera is much more natural. I wish I could combine the two, but overall I prefer the new ones. Now to decide if I want to be blue-eyed most of the time or stick with my real life-like green eyes. Yes, I bought a few pair ... I did mention I have a lot of eyes in my inventory.

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