Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spot The Lesbians

The Phoenix viewer makes it easy to use an old geek trick in Second Life: Look At. When activated, crosshairs appear to show where various avatars have their camera focus and in this third-party iteration, user names are rendered with each crosshair. This makes it very easy to play Spot The Lesbians. Just hang out at a mixed-gender venue, preferably a nude beach, and watch where everyone's crosshairs go. I'm less likely to chat up a girl that tends to cam on men. This also lets you see which women are closet lesbians. I've met several women who have "no girls" stated in their profiles yet have consistently cammed to certain parts of my anatomy. Spotted!

I've also met others that use this feature to see who is checking them out so they know who to pursue. A habit of camming on everyone near me at some point or another formed from working security at the Isle of Lesbos and my "wandering eye" has been picked up by Look At-using men who have then tried their own pick up. I know. I asked.

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