Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's in My Closet? Celtic Pixywear

As if she doesn't have enough clothes, my big pixy alt (Zyx) just had to have another outfit, this one from a good friend and a superior builder (design to execution, she's tops), Kaelin Westland. The outift, KK Fantasy Celtic Princess, is available only on the SL Marketplace and is a good deal at L$250 for the jewelry, halter, skirt, and thong you see here. Zyx also indulged in new hair from elikatira (SLurl) with the Melody style in the Essential Colors pack, also L$250 from my purse. Then she headed off to Fina's Market Photography Garden (SLurl) for this picture. A smidge of brightening in post production added to the use of the "Foggy" Windlight preset and a very weak face light. I mention "weak" because it is a rather cool adjustable unit that is free on the SL Marketplace. Click the pic for a larger version. I'm thinking of shooting again to work on the purplish local lights effect seen on Zyx's left side (our right as you are viewing).

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